comfort & economy

By Cd W.

I want and will buy a F150 King Ranch with a small v8 that is fine tuned for gas mileage, like real dual exhaust, high volume air filter, port & polished heads, top end rear end, maybe the 4.10 for high gas mileage, 6 speed manual transmission, any other things you can think of. I am a big man and old, so I need the size of a pickup and I like the interior of the King Ranch. Not for racing, but for trips to San Antonio & Dallas to see my children. My first Ford was a Model A and have had at least 20 Fords including 3 KR's, vans, 1951 coupe, etc. I am a Ford man. the 4.6 was a good engine, also the 5.0 but seems a little large. Let me know. C . D. Wilkinson