Cold State Plug-ins

By John R.

Here in Alaska we have some very long and cold winters. Alot of people plug in their car at nite and have a timer turn it on a few hours before you schedule to use it, like at 6 am when you go to work at 8 am. Alot of people must buy an extension cord to plug in their car. Why not include a power cord for cod states that retracts when not in use so it's always there when you need it. Also make it as a quick disconnect in case someone forgets to unplug it from the power source. Plugging in saves your engine from excessive wear on engine and transmission as well as reduces emissions having to warm up you car for extended periods of time to defrost the windows. Plug us in Ford!
Andrew J 05/26/2013
I have lived through a tour in Alaska and I see the logic behind your request. I definitely see the merit in creating an option that would allow owners to buy the features your requesting...however I don't see the profit in it for Ford. There are a very limited number of potential buyers considering the masses. I would hope that Ford could create the option (or an after market provider) and allow the dealerships in Alaska (and other cold climates) to make this option available locally.
Devin F 05/21/2013
good idea but what forms of vehicles will be aiming for?