2015 marks the 5' />

Cobra roadster EcoBoost concept

By Tim S.

Is it possible? Could a Cobra roadster fitted with a 2 litre EcoBoost engine
outperform the iconic Cobra427 with a 7 litre engine.

An intriguing question and a great opportunity.

But before we race to the finish line, here's why I believe Ford should press
the go button on this project.

>2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Cobra 427.
>It celebrates Ford's successful partnership with Carroll Shelby over this time.
>It further showcases the advanced technology of the EcoBoost engine.
Who needs 900bhp and a million dollar price tag to achieve supercar performance?
>And as a promotional vehicle (sorry) it would rival or better anything from
the supercar makers.

But is it possible? In a word, yes.

And it's all to do with power-to-weight. The street 7 litre Cobra had a p.t.w.
of 1bhp/5.56lbs. (410bhp/2282lbs)
I believe the Ecoboost Cobra with Focus engine in RS tune could match
or better that figure.

Lightness, of course, in all areas is the key.

A new, reworked design in carbon fibre would make a great start. The original
Mark 111 design looked hot in its day, but for 2015 a fresh new face is needed.
A fresher look, like the Ford GT versus the GT40.

Add the 2 litre EcoBoost engine and a further 322lbs are saved
compared to the 7 litre engine.

And because the EcoBoost engine is psyhically smaller as well, I believe the
overall size of the new roadster could be reduced by 10%, but still
retaining the musular Cobra look.

All other mechanical items, from the gearbox to the oil and water coolers
would see significant weight savings.

The dramatically lighter Cobra would also mean unheard of mpg figures
for a supercar; so the original 18 gal. tank could be halved in size.

With the suggested changes, all up weight around 1500lbs could be achieved.
And in RS tune with 270bhp, plus a few special touches like Ford's clever
traction and torque vectoring technology, performance would be sensational.

Here's a few more suggestions i'd like to see happen.

>Reshape the radiator mouth to reflect the corporate look of the Fusion/Fiesta.
>Chop and rake the windscreen for better aero, and make the soft top tight
and hunkered down in hot rod style.> Add front splitter and rear diffuser.
>Lower the seats for less exposed look. >Redo lights with LED units.
>Delete bonnet scoop and bumpers.> Reposition number plates to
less obtrusive areas and replace with Cobra Ford EcoBoost branding.

So here's to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and that special moment
when the cover is raised to reveal the Cobra Ford EcoBoost roadster.