Clean Diesel Crown Victoria

By Cody R.

Bring back the Crown Victoria please! with a 7.3 powerstroke or a 6.0!
Tommy B 12/28/2012
Don't know who decided to kill the Crown Vic, Marquis and Towncar, It wasn't one of Ford's better ideas
John 12/06/2012
Look at Mazda's corporate website on their skyactiv D diesel engine. Lower compression ratio allows for an aluminum block. The 2.2 l inline-4 puts out about 174 HP and 310 lb-ft. Imagine a 4.4L V-8 version!!!
Keep it body on frame and give it an optional stick shift. The Crown Vic would have stayed a good seller if any effort would have been made in the way of styling, handling, packaging, etc. Just look at the Dodge Charger...
Scott S 11/16/2012
unless you are after ludicrous power a smaller 3.0 v6 would be a better candidate .Simply for the weight of the engine as a Diesel engine is much heavier But I do agree why are the importers making Diesel passenger cars and not Ford