Classic Bronco SUV/Ranger

By Brad A.

Okay, so I've just read dozens of posts requesting a new, retro-styled Bronco. I agree. Many, including myself, are also requesting the Global Ranger, with the diesel option.

My idea combines them on one platform. They would be of very similar size, so you could base them on the same framework. The Ranger, with IFS, crew cab option, diesel option, ecoboost 4 or 6 cylinder would kill the Toyota Tacoma, many of which are bought because you, Ford, will not sell the Global Ranger CC. It should still offer a manual trans, too.

The Classic Bronco could be on the same frame, with the same engine options, but the styling would be unique to the Bronco and have a solid front axle and 5 link and coils all around. Having entry and offroad trims would be great. All differentials should offer lower gears and be fully selectively electronic locking in the off road version. The top and doors need to be fully and easily removable. A longer, 4 door version should be offered. While designing, offer a Half Cab that could drop on the two or 4 door. Don't forget the iconic swing away tire carrier! A Raptor/5.0 V8 option would be awesome, offering more power, wider fender flares and axles for stability, longer travel suspension, larger tires. Basically, it would be packaged like the Jeep Wranglers are, but way, WAY BETTER, because it's a FORD! I'd trade my Jeep Wrangler in INSTANTLY!
Jim S 01/24/2013
these guys are getting it almost right just don't make us buy anything we don't want.
Kedric M 01/19/2013
Definitely offer a v-8 and diesel option, the big blocky he-man no frills look with a removable top and maybe even doors. I would be all over it!
brad a 01/07/2013
I also think the Ranger should have a Raptor option package, offering more power ( a 5.0 V8 would rock), more travel, wider axles,and locking differentials.