By Gist R.

Every car that enters the dealership  berfore being purchased must undergo a automated " Car Graph Machine " a machine that kinda reminds you of a automated car wash inwitch the car is placed in a automated simulator that reads shock hieght, exhaulst leakage , a complete visual diagrahm of the every wire ,  dash light bulb , tire tread wear , paint clarity , from the day it rolled of the assembly line. The differance about the the C.G.M machine is that each car ,truck, is different made to look the same, ride the same, but still different. The C.G.M machine cuts down on frequent unknown problems that car buyers have with one specific vehicle versus millions. The C.G.M machine option can be an added cost for dealers to bill an additional cost yearly or montly  to cunsumers to maintain a constant upkeep of there cars and trucks .  Each specific car or truck however shoudn't have the same price for this option , you woudn't charge the same price for a ford focus you would a F-450 or Mustang 5.0 . Dearships can also charge by the specifc packages of C.G.M based on a consumers buget . Plan A Platinum, Plan B gold Or Plan C silver. I mind you the C.G.M machine is different in obd2 computer scans machines . It's a device that can pin point brake pad wear , sticking brake calipers , anterfreeze coolant flow , ect reaching places that the traditional codes scanning machine cant go . " You asked how can this be acheived "  A vehicle must be place in the C.G.M. machine a series of graphs, photos of the engine compartment, under carriage, suspension, body ,and dash wiring. At  first, five actual public vehicle test would have to be done . With these five vehicles create a baseline to compare a national wear and tear data through a reasonable time frame . With this new formed data enter stats in a C.G.M computer. Now you have maybe your production stats . Now when a new or used vechicle comes in the dealership you then can compare new stats versus  accumalated wear and tear .