Can the paddles on Lincolns

My '11 F150 has the downshift/ gear lockout button on the shifter. This is the finest, most intuitive transmission I've ever used. The ability to downshift and still be in automatic at the next stop works seemlessly. Running hills and locking out higher gears allows for great performance, and when you stop, one tap on the button allows you to continue without shifting from first (usually at rev limiter).
Conversely, My '11 MKT has the paddles, with a manual selector. It's not as user friendly and who really wants to manushift a Lincoln down the road. The downshift button would be an excellent addition to the heavy Lincoln. I'd pay to have my MKT retrofitted with the trans button from the F150. The paddles are ridicules in a luxury car, and make downshifts very inconvenient. Auto w/ downshift capabilities is top notch. I'd pay for the opportunity.