C-max hybrid and hills

By Dan W.

The C-Max HV battery charging system is not optimized. I often start descending a hill with the battery 75% full, and regenerative braking ceases half-way down (not enough charging room). Why does the system maintain the battery at 75% full? A better choice would be 30% (when not regenerating). I never need more than that (for quick acceleration, for example). Other than that, it's a great car.
Jus A 05/03/2013
So let me understand your idea, you start going down with a battery at 75% full and then 1/2 way down the hill the regeneratio stops. This makes sense - why? Because you have not used any of the battery charge (no EV) on the way down and your hybrid has no more capacity to hold any more charge and is FULL.

"Maintaining" the battery at 30% makes no sense, or you are not clear in your idea. 30% battery charge level is the LOW, bottom end of the battery. That is, effectively empty. Also, if you are able to drive at just 30% aka empty, thats awesome for you. I'd rather have 100% and EV past your car.