Buttons/Knobs as Touch Sceen alternative

As an owner of a 2013 MKX [ my third MKX ] I find the touch screen less that intuitive on first touch. Often times it does not respond on first touch and in the winter with gloved hands it is often less responsive. I would suggest back up buttons or knobs for the touch screen. As the population ages I have seen it become frustrating for a senior to change touch screen options, change the fan speed or volume on the screen. I understand Ford vehicles will have knobs and/or buttons in the future and I hope the Lincoln will follow suit.
John D 03/22/2014
I agree, even after the latest updates Ford still has a way to go to get mft to work correct and consistently.
d k 12/17/2013
mft doesn't work well enough to replace my phone for entertainment and navigation. It would be great to get an aftermarket control panel for climate and learn button controls by feel. Having to look at the screen or the panel to find a control is not safe. 
Michael C 07/25/2013
Ford just needs to make the mft work correctly. Why spend resources adding to something that can be good with some R&D