Bulletproof Sedan/Interceptor

By Brad K.

Why not take a truck frame, drop the ride height and the seating position, put sedan and wagon bodies on it, use the existing truck drivetrains, already designed to take abuse, and market it to police departments and limo companies? The truck it's based on could be either the F150 or the new global Ranger. There would be much less development cost than an entirely new platform, and police department would regain the durability they loved in the Crown Vic! I'd also wager you could find a fair number of civilian buyers as well!
Andrew S 03/28/2013
This does not make sense. The vast majority of people do not buy cars because they are bulletproof, built on truck frames, or can hit things like rocks. You then have the complication of completely making things that were never meant to fit together fit together. Then modifying the entire suspension, interior mountings, and oh, the entire body of any current production sedan Ford makes worldwide. The Crown Vic is dead. It served well. Let it go.
Frank S 02/15/2013
Great idea!! I wonder, why they lost interest in the Panther Platform a couple years ago and finally quit it last year, in the first place. Well, it wasn´t selling anymore, but my guess ist, people did not loose interest because it was a V8 powered(E85 capable), 6 passenger, comfortable and safe care with a HUGE trunk for around 25K$, but because it was not updated anymore. There was no navigation, no ESP, no sync, nothing new. But there was cost cutting all over the place, the instruments looked like crap compared to the 95-2005 Panthers, less sound deadening material, thinner glass, thinner carpet, no decklid lining and so on... and then, after a couple more years.. oh wonder, the sales fell to the floor. Really sad! We have a 1996 and a 2006 Grand Marquis in GERMANY and people love it, because of the ride, the size, the look, the E85 capability and the fact, that it looks different! Thanks !