Build The Ranger from The rest of the World!

By Carl W.

In 180 counties around the world The Ranger pickup has completely changed. It is more Luxurious better handling Bigger tougher better Power. It's DIESEL! It gets 26mpg! (our 4cyl gets 23!) It can tow nearly 7000 pounds. It has a 4 door option that will seat 4 full grown adults with cupholders! There is a Wildtrak that is designed for rough land and is higher from the ground. The current USA Ranger is outdated and tiny.. It's underpowered and to be honest sorta Ugly. So Ford? What will you do make millions of Americans jump for joy or lose them to Nissan and Toyota?
Justin L 11/12/2012
Don't make me buy a Toyota, i'm not going with the "They'll move up to the F-150" philosophy. even if it were 25mpg it is still too big, and it burns gasoline. The global ranger with 3.2l Diesel Power is perfect bring it for 2013 1/2 or I'll be forced to buy a Toyota.
Mike F 06/15/2012
I agree as well, But according to the dealership by my house. They are discontinuing the american ford ranger and replacing it with the "FORD 100"
james j 06/14/2012
Bring the Wildtrak ranger to the USA! I dont want to go to another company for a midsize or small truck. Bring it here with diesel and youll have to start a waiting list to get one.
Richard P 06/02/2012
Agree. Ford needs to have a pickup SMALLR than the F150 which is just too big. Stood next to one in the showroom and the bed side was aboout 5 feet high. I can't lift things that high. Do not abandon us to those other guys.
Al M 05/31/2012
I also agree! The new Ranger is handsome. Bring it with the diesels! You're thowing away sales in the small pick-up segment to other mfgr's just because you're afraid it going to canabalize sales from the F-150. This is wrong. A lot of people don't want or need a truck the size of the F-150.
Jack A 05/30/2012
I agree! I can't believe Ford is turning over this market to the new Chevy Colorado coming next model year!