Build Mustang Boss Sedan

By Beau O.

Ford has always been known for bringing high performance to the masses. PLEASE!!! Build the sedan version of the Mustang Boss 302 here in the US. If you want to compete with cadillac then either build a fancy variant of the mustang sedan or bring the falcon xkr overhere and shove the new GT500 engine in it then call it a Lincoln!!!!. Ford needs to build a hot sedan to stomp out the charger and the cts-v. So build the 5.0 boss mustang sedan for the masses and then change a few body panels shove the GT500 engine in it and call the new Lincoln high performance sedan the Shelby mk whatever. This would sell like crazy. I would buy one of each!!!
Mason C 10/11/2012
Mustang is NOT a family car!!! It is a PONY CAR!!! If you want it get it! they are not practical, they are a Sunday driver for you and your spouse to have some fun in. What don't you people understand?
Anyone that thinks like this apparantly does not own a Mustang and does not understand the pride us Mustang owners have in owning one for what it IS.
Jason P 10/10/2012
Why so many negative votes? Who is actually concerned that the Falcon coming to america would be a bad thing? I can't use a mustang as a family car, as badly as I might want to, so the falcon would be the next best thing.