Bronco, the way it should

The Ford Bronco holds a special place in my heart. I live on a farm that has rainy seasons, and scorching droughts. True offroad performance and durability are key to me. For work on the farm I use a 1978 F-150 4x4. I drive a 2004 F-150 2wd to work at the shipyard at 4 o'clock am everyday. When I do get a rare day off, I like to survey my property or hunt and the 78 is to big to manuever in the woods on tight trails. I have a UTV (Yamaha Rhino) but that doesn't help much in inclement weather. I would buy a Jeep wrangler, but just have a problem with it having a mini-van motor. The Bronco needs to come back in a big way. With the popularity of rock crawling and trail riding, the Bronco could be the new king of the hill quite literally. A solid front axle is a requirement to even be considered seriously as well as front and rear differential lockers. A powerful engine is a must because these vehicles will inevitably be lifted and have larger offroad tires than stock in some cases. Also a true non removable hardtop version should be offered as well as a removable top version. The Bronco harkening back to a vehicle capable of surviving a life that doesn't involve pavement would give Ford bragging rights to a new generation of offroad enthusiasts. If there was a hardtop Bronco with the new 5.0 that is a reasonably compact 2-door 4-seater and has the capability I described above, count me in.
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
Bring it back... It could have four doors so it will sell good and still have good dimensions like the Wrangler. Awesome idea!!!
Alec smith 02/01/2012
I got an Idea Make 2 Broncos A fullsized called the Bronco and a small Jeep Wrangler sized Bronco called the Bronco 2
Brandon Skaar 01/31/2012
What do you think of a mix between Toyota's FJ and Jeep's Wrangler?
Just the right mix of road manners and adventure

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