I like Ford products.... I own a F-150 and a Focus. i really enjoy the old Broncos... a down a dirty and capable 4x4 SUV. I don't want to buy a Jeep.... but I would like to see somthing Ford that is in the same or similar catagory. If you refuse to bring back a modern version of the small Bronco... maybe you could make an Escape with real 4x4 capabilities... ground clearance, BF Goodrich larger tires, suspension package... I know you understand. There is too much of a trend to make pretty SUV's. I want a jeep... only better... a Ford! Please.
KEVEN Z 03/14/2012
Yeah...the original not only had the capabilities, but it had the tough attitude that it could do anything as well. That free spirit that many desire.
Richard Macaulay 11/24/2011
We need a REAL SUV. Sport Utility Vehicle! Sick of these low ground clearence, unibody station wagons that are being sold as SUVS! even if you make it a limited SVT model, come on Ford, what about us?! Don't forget the Americans who believe in the grit and might of true legend!
Alec smith 10/24/2011
I want a big bronco not that small junker concept some people like gas hogs
james meredith 10/20/2011
absolutely agree!! the concept shown a few years back would be awesome.
Greg Vanderwall 10/15/2011
Absolutely. Manual windows. Rubber floor mats. A real 4X4