Base a full size Bronco off the F150 platform. Svt Bronco like the Raptor. Dont forget the removeable top. Even though a 60's/70's Bronco reinvented would be nice. Ford wouldnt have to create a new platform. Old School body on frame. Be sure to cut down on the length of the truck. Shouldn't even cost much.
Ryan K 12/18/2013
a 2 door 4x4 shortbox modified f150 would actually not be a bad idea, use the 5.0 coyote and dont focus on gas milege it would be a good suv.
Mark R 11/06/2013
Bring it back!
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford ! Kevin R. is on to something here. Not only for private vehicle use, but imagine the public service sector sales this would generate, and the Bronco name is respected ... a lot. My PaPa Josh had a dern indestructable Bronco, he passed away close to 30 years ago, but that dem Bronco (late 1960's model) was roll'in right along until around 2003.
Mike S 10/19/2013
the 302 Bronco had enough power to go off road, get good highway mileage, and the driver did not have to rub shoulders as an Escape or Explorer driver does.  Chevy has the Avalanche, using the 1/2 ton truck engine, where did your icon go?