By Paul A.

The Ford Bronco concept that was relaesed in 2004 should be brought into production. It would be a top seller and compete with the Jeep Wrangler. Iwould certainly pre order one right away to drive right next to my current Bronco which is the best truck ive ever driven.
Kedric M 12/16/2013
A retro 2 door bronco, with v8 and/or turbodiesel, fully removable hard top, removable doors, etc....

I want one of these so bad, and have for years.
NORMAN M 09/13/2013
A retro version of the Bronco in 2 and 4 door would be a great way to compete in the suv market , especially with jeep.
Murray B 09/05/2013
personally, I'd like to see a Raptor-based suv, which would be a stunning platform to carry the Bronco nameplate.