Bringing back the 70 Ford Torino

By Will K.

Good Day Ford Motor Comany and friends of Ford. I am a long satnding Ford product owner and currently drive a 65 F100 as one of my vehicles. I was wondering if you would ever consider bringing back th 1970 Ford Torino body. Other companies are bring back bodys of classics and don't get me wrong I like the Mustang model but its just not my type of car. I would be really intersted if you would bring the 1970 Torino body style back though. I am curious what others think on this also and partly the reason for my posting. Thank you for your time and work on such great products.
richard b 04/18/2014
Sounds like a winner.
Brandon H 07/31/2013
good stuff!! i like it
Mark V 07/30/2013
As I commented on another topic, a 2dr. intermediate would be great! Perhaps it could be a 2dr. Fusion Sport.  A 2dr. hardtop would really be neat!
michael d 07/26/2013
The 72 was prettier.