Bringing back 460 big block natural power.

Bring back the Ford 460 big block Ford gasoline powered engine. This would be great for larger vehicles like the F series truck and expedition. This would be desired for people who want naturally aspirated power and have the rumble of a V8.
Noah R 01/29/2014
Your right but don't call them dinosaurs. with modern technology the 460 would out perform anythig. if it had direct injection and dohc with decent program, it would have more power than the diesel. And longtime ford lovers would buy the heck out of them. They would be powerful and twice as effecient as they were in the 70's. the dinosaur would come back from extinction with an attitude.
james k 06/29/2013
You must be too young to remember long gas lines of the 70's. Big engine, big horse power was good for only one thing and that was going fast, quick and in a straight line. Technology is what made this dinosaur extinct. Small engines today produce more horse power, more torque and handle more like a slot car then a sled.