Bring the U.S. a Ford wagon!

I recently was rear ended and had my 1998 Ford Escort SE wagon totalled. It was a great car and got about 30 mpg with plenty of room to haul things. After much searching the only suitable replacement was a 2001 Mazda Tribute - 2.0L w/ 5 spd. It's a great Ford derived vehicle, but I really wish Ford would bring the U.S. a wagon. Come on, Ford you have some great wagons in Europe. Maybe even with a manual transmission and dare I say, a diesel engine option? To the third and fourth generations my family has only driven Ford products, but the lack of a wagon in the new model range creates a hole in Ford's line up.
Scott B 12/08/2012
The Focus wagon from Europe looks great! I'd love to have that with either a diesel or the 1.6L EcoBoost. Even better with a manual transmission.
Frank T 11/19/2012
Agree 100% - my '01 Taurus wagon (143,000 mi) needs replacement soon and there's no "real" wagons @ Ford US.