Bring the RS design to the U.S.

While I was living in Europe during my military duty. I was zooming down the Autobahn as a saw a lime green car flash by mine.   I couldn't tell what type of car it was until I noticed a Ford Logo on the back.  I was blown away.  It had a beautiful body, wide and smoothe,  and just sang to me.  When I got home I was pained to see that the car I had noticed was a Ford Focus that I could never own.  I am ashamed that Ford has let us down in the U.S.  forcing me to buy a car that was as close as I could find to that car I'd never get to have.  I bought a new body style Subaru WRX STI.  Wide body 300+ horse power.  The closest I could get and sadly it is an Import.  I keep looking and waiting for an RS to pop up in the US but year after year I am let down.  Please make this happen!  The sales would go through the roof.  Mustangs are not what we want.  We want the FOCUS RS!!!!! I would even go as far as to say don't give us the RS but do give us an RS that is as deserving of a ride.  I find it hard to give up my Subaru WRX STI for a Focus ST that can't compete in steering nor power.  I will however say that the day an Focus ST comes out that has that slick wide body style packed with both handling and power I will not hesitate to trade my WRX STI in and get a FORD.  I understand I may be only one person but I can assure you I am not alone in this belief!!!!