Bring The Mondeo to US with ST Model

By Alec M.

Hello, my name is Alec Mueller. For the past couple of years, I’ve been watching the change in focal point of cars released for less than thirty-five thousand dollars. Every year the cars become more economical and frankly less fun to drive. It gives the impression that major automotive companies see America transitioning entirely into an “A to B” driving society. What I would like to suggest is to consider moving your efforts to a different direction. I would like to introduce the Ford “Mondeo ST” concept. This car’s sole purpose is to deliver excellent performance while staying under thirty-five thousand dollars.
With Ford’s newest development of the Ecoboost line of engines, the need to work on the vehicle’s efficiency no longer presents a challenge. With wide success of the V6 Ecoboost along with its new found popularity, I suggest using it to power the Mondeo ST. However, if possible, avoid use of an automatic transmission. The manual transmission gives the driver more of a role in the driving process and gives a much greater reward when the driver succeeds at mastering the drive. Since the V6 Ecoboost has already been mated to AWD setups, it may or may not be simpler to convert the Mondeo ST into an AWD version. It will only help its performance.

P.S. Though I can not name the vehicle recently announced that holds my idea's key points, said vehicle is going to be sold at a substantial price that defeats the purpose of a fun early career car. So please try to make sure that the Mondeo ST stays under the 35k limit!
Alec M 04/22/2013
Well, when they officially rework the Mustang and give it an independent rear end, I'd expect it would be essentially a two door Falcon. This is more directed at the WRX and the Evo division. The Taurus SHO costs too much for the performance, and the Focus ST isn't able to go toe-to-toe with the AWD's.
Brandon H 04/14/2013
I'd like to see a FPV Falcon here.
Michael S 04/05/2013
Great idea i think they should have the ecoboost and awd options as well as rwd V8 like the new 5.0 coyote.