Bring the Focus Wagon and Wagon ST from Europe to the United States.

By Paul F.

There are many of use who love a wagon, like performance and don't need 4-wheel drive. And, we love the Focus. Please bring the beautiful Focus wagon and ST wagon to the United States. It's currently produced in Germany and therefore is manufactured with some ready-for-right-side driving. Let us pre-order it. Get enough orders and ship them here. Parts a problem?  I'll bet most are identical to the standard Focus. You remember - the "World Car platform?" With an ST version, you'll be getting more trend setters trying the Focus Wagon. We have had a Focus wagon for 6 years and want to buy another. The standard Focus and even the C-Max is too small - by a small bit, but just too small. And yes, we happen to like stick but many do not, we know. How about it?