Bring the Focus ST Estate to the US

By Noah W.

Bring the Focus ST Estate to the US. Everybody wants the performance of a Hot Hatch, but the Connivence of a Estate, and its silly that you don't bring it to America.
William W 01/06/2014
Exactly what the U.S. market needs.  Bring it on!
Steve R 04/23/2013
Bump! I would buy one over the 5 door hatch; maybe because i'm 30 now, and not 20! Maybe because of a lack of a 3 door hatch (which I had when I was 20) ;-)
Jeffrey G 01/29/2013
I have a sport wagon tdi. A Focus ST wagon would be the perfect compliment in my garage.
Ben S 12/19/2012
I'm actually fairly certain it's coming to US by 2014
Jesse F 12/10/2012
Agreed! Driving enthusiasts need to haul stuff too sometimes y'know.