Bring the Focus RS to North America

Simple, build the RS in North America and people will buy it. Sad that only Europe and Mexico can purchase this awesome vehicle. Many purchased the Focus ST to get a taste of the RS performance that until now we haven't seen here in North America. Saw that a question was raised about this recently and it was allegedly answered by a response from nearly 2 years earlier? Really? Take back the hot hatch segment Ford!
Kevin H 07/23/2014
Must be awd imo. 
steve w 06/07/2014
Still dreaming of focus rs what a great little car just sold 06 saleen would love to get one broken dreams it looks like.....
Brian P 06/02/2014
I would love for the RS to come to the states and would gladly buy one only if it is a 2 door hatch. The 4 door hatches are nice but I will not buy one due to it having 4 doors. I have owned 2 Ford Focus' both were 2 door hatches and loved them.
Brandon H 03/02/2014
A Focus or Fiesta RS here would make me a customer, no doubt about it. Just make it AWD like the Escort Cosworth. It would sell like mad.
Chris Hall 02/13/2014
Love my ST would love to see the RS here also!
Scott G 02/11/2014
I love my Focus ST and I would put down a deposit on an RS in a heartbeat if Ford would just let us have it! Come on Ford, you know we want it.