Bring the 2012 Ranger Home

America needs a small/cheap reliable truck. I love the Ford F150 however it's price keeps it out of the grasp of many people today in this economy. The new Ford Ranger being sold overseas would fit the bill nicely in the states. Ford motor company would profit greatly from its re-introduction of it back in the States. I would even speculate that it would take the gold calipars from Motor Trend. The idea of a Crew Cab Ranger with the I5 Turbo diesel would sell like wild fire in the States. Ford would only marginally take a hit to it's F150 sales..... But it would clobber the competion otherwise. People are always going to buy the larger trucks (when they can afford them)..... Today we need a truck that is small, dependable and way more fuel effiecent. Your Ford Ranger is exactly what America needs.

Bring it Home!!!! America will Buy!
Moe D 03/13/2013
I think that Ford has thrown away a huge market share by not introducing the new ranger in the states. They have given those sales to the Chevy Colorado, Nissan, and Toyota. As a Ford shareholde, I would love to see the ranger back. They would sell like crazy, and I would probably buy one.