Bring Euro Mondeo Hatchback to US!!!

By J. T.

I just seen the renderings of the new European Mondeo Hatchback on Motor Trend's website and it's gorgeous!!!! This car needs to be brough here to the US A.S.A.P.! There's no reason why it can't being its the Fusion's twin and it seems pretty dumb not too. Take it and put the talked about 2.3L EB engine in it and have it make 300 HP and torque and call it the Sport model and you'll have a sure winner. I'd buy one in a heartbeat!!! Also the wagon version looks good.
ed w 02/13/2014
Volvo just announced their NEW Wagon: V60 & it looks nice!
Come on Ford, where is the Mondeo Wagon?
Corey L 07/28/2013
I don't buy the unpopularity bit. I see a lot more Malibu Maxx's on the road than Malibus of the same age. Maybe its because of owner loyalty to the Maxx. It was never the prettiest of cars but it sure is functional. I'll continue to limp mine along until a decent domestic automaker brings an alternative.
Tim G 05/22/2013
I am totally spamming all of the hatchback requests right now.. :) Yes please! No we don't want a Focus (too small) and no we don't want a Wagon (too grocery getter). We want a sedan that looks just like every other full sized car out there, but with a hatch! My mazda 6 5 door is starting to show her age and would replace it with one of these the moment you guys bring it over!
Sujeet P 11/18/2012
Unfortunately, as useful as they are, Americans don't seem to get behind hatchbacks. My first car (an 82 Toyota Celica GT) was a hatchback, and with the seats down I could carry ANYTHING in there!