Bring backSuperDuty manual transmission

By Kurt B.

Please bring back the SuperDuty manual transmission.

I was very dissapointed that the 2011 and up SuperDuty no longer had the option of a manual transmission.

Since buying my 2012 F-250 my disappointment has only heightened as the TorqueShift auto seems to still be a work in progress.

While it works fine ~90% of the time, it will at times surge between 1-2 (not fun when maneuvering a big truck through a parking garage), also drop off between 1-2, and just generally shift poorly at times between 2-3. None of these are consistantly reproducable so taking it back to the dealer seems futile, but they all negatively affect the day-today drivabilty and enjoyment of the truck.

Please bring back the manual or at least fix the TorqueShift so it works consitently.
John B 01/14/2014
I too have been begging for a manual 6 speed in 6.7 l and 6.2 l, however I may have to get a ram.
Jim D 02/11/2013
My 1999 F-250 is getting long in the tooth, but I will be forced to keep running it until they bring the manual trans back! I will not buy a Chevy or a Dodge!
Jeffrey S 01/26/2013
yes for those of us that like the manual trans we are going to be forced to buy a ram
Farmboy25 01/14/2013
I agree, every vehical i have owned has been a ford with manual transmission, currently a f-350 7.3 desiel with 6 speed manual, looking at other brands for a manual, wish ford would bring it back.
William M 01/10/2013
Yes please bring it back, and on all trim levels, not just work trucks. I want King ranch with manual trans. Will not buy another ford until you do. Including the wife's car...had 3 explorers so far and two mustangs car will be a suburban if you dont build a truck with a manual...And Ford you can look up in your customer records and see I have not bought one in 5 years now...