Bring Back the Thunderbird

The outstanding new Mustang platform is a perfect opportunity to bring back a classic. With a new body that has added emphasis on luxury, a new Mustang-based Thunderbird could be squarely aimed at the likes of the BMW 3-series and other foreign luxury coupes.

Such a car would easily be able to match or exceed the competitors in performance and luxury, while potentially undercutting them in price. It would also reintroduce a segment that has been neglected in the domestic car market since the early 1990s, and arguably hasn't been done right since the original Thunderbird.
DCAshmore 04/18/2010
The THUNDERBIRD was originally created as a direct response to the CORVETTE. They were absolutely like cars. two-seat, convertible,coupes. A some point FORD opted to make the THUNDERBIRD a large to very large coupe we are largely familiar with today.

Today the THUNDERBIRD really should be a direct competitor to the CORVETTE, V8 powered, two-seat, race worthy sports car.

Besides "THUNDERBIRD" is a name that sounds like a big powerful car, not a compact car of any strip.
Peter Arsenault 04/18/2010
I commented on another vote where perhaps I spoke it a bit too fast. I said I'd want a 1983 Ford Thunderbird with bench seating for 6 then noticed in a youtube video it had bucket seats and a large console. Well, I don't know how a new design would quite work but I mean a modern Thunderbird with the same style as the 1983 model with 4 doors, foldable rear seats, AWD, hybrid engine but also with new instrument cluster like the 2010 Taurus and ambient lighting would be cool. The 1983 to 1986 design was just so nice-looking. Cars don't look more modern now. The only detail that might be difficult to work is the headlights if someone wanted them more aerodynamic. Maybe something close to a Falcon XR might work.
John B 04/18/2010
Thunderbird. In my end-of-the-baby-boom generation, this name still evokes an emotion. It would be a shame to let that slip away due to absence. The name still bears a great deal of equity, but that will not last forever without a product attached to it. Perhaps the next generation rear-drive Mustang platform could provide that product, along with a Lincoln version to pit against the Mercedes E coupe.