Bring back the T-Bird

We all miss the T-Bird, me personally having grown up with my dad's 86 Turbo Coupe. What we need for today is an all out return of the Thunderbird and not the way it was done 2002. Bring together a full sized, rear wheel drive, V-8 powered Bird in the vein of the Interceptor Concept. This could be a genre-crossing car featuring the 2.0 Liter Ecoboost, the 3.7 Liter V6, and the new 5.0 as the premium engine offering as well as using a lengthened version of the 2014 Mustang's frame to incorporate IRS. Call me nostalgic but I know plenty of Ford guys who would love a return of the Thunderbird that we can truly get excited about.
Cheryle N 11/08/2012
I just downsized to one vehicle, having sold my Inca Gold '57 T-bird and my Merlot 2004 T-bird and purchased a 2012 Taurus. I am now very sad I let go my birds and would love to see Ford bring back the Tbird. When I purchased my 2004, I was told they would only be taking a break after the 2005, but alas they stopped production. I truly think there is still an age group who would support seeing this wonderful car back on the road again. Cheryle N
manish 10/24/2010
as a former owner of 2 t-bird sc and current owner of a gen II lincoln mark VIII. I would like the next t-bird to be world class. i mean it should push gm and the cts-v coupe. I want a style that similar to the aston martin. that is the car it should aim for. a supercharge or ecco boosted new 5.0 should give the power that this rear drive car would need. def use the falcon platform if possible.
John 04/23/2010
Unless Ford makes it truely a Remarkable car then Don't do it. Only Bring back a Thunderbird if Ford Decides their tired of mediocre go karts and want to be a racing automobile capable of shattering the record of the world fastest production car on the planet capable of out accelerating an F/A-18 Hornet in the measured Mile!
Larry G 04/15/2010
The last Tbird was an expensive retro that really wasn't right for previous tbird buyers. Nice to look at. Not very usefull though. The tbird should be a larger, and more refined than the mustang. It should be a luxury coupe, or convertible. It should be roomy, comfortable, powerfull, agile and smooth. It should have rear wheel drive. It should sell itself. The tbird of the 90's was the right idea, just needed to lose some weight.
Ron 04/14/2010
Yes, a mid to full-sized "sport/personal luxury" coupe needs to be in Ford's or Mercury's product line up. A car in this category definitely needs to be rear wheel drive. The recently announced 3.5L Ecoboost would be a perfect fit for this type of vehicle. Stop funding the Flex/MKT program in order to offer some personal sports-luxury. A new Mercury Cougar has some very exciting "purr"
to it!
Dennis G 04/14/2010
I miss the T-bird also. I've purchased 2 T-birds; I've owned an '85 and still have my '96.. I would love to see a full size T-bird return.
John 04/13/2010
Seriously, both the 2.0L 4 cylinder and 5.0L v8 in the same model? Just lengthen the mustang and add IRS?

How about bringing over the Falcon and calling it the tbird?