Bring back the RS200

By Jim E.

I think ford should bring the RS200 back in a new model ford needs more sports cars besides the mustangs.
Jeffrey Z 02/01/2013
RS200?! What a great car!! You HAVE to know, to put that car back into production, would cost a fortune. And that would translate into a car that would cost a fortune. (like present examples do). Cool thought, but logistically impossible.
Stephen B 01/30/2013
I agree that Ford needs more sport! I now own a Mazda6 mainly because I have a family, but wanting something fun to drive. I also have a Ranger, and up until a few years ago, had a Miata as a fun weekend car. Now that the economy is improving, I'm considering another small sports car convertible, and Ford has no answer to the Miata. Not everyone wants a truck or an suv!