Bring back the Monster Boss...the 429

By Tom K.

With the 50th fast aprouching and the vast interest in the new 302 Boss, why not for the anniversary bring back the ultimate Boss 429 ? Let's get this on the slate before capitol hill says all cars have to get 35+ mpg.
Tyler Manon 06/23/2011
I cannot agree more with this idea! It's fantastic. Ford, unleash the beast! Bring back the 429!
James Ashenbrenner 02/06/2011
Thats not the point! Trouble with new engine designs is that they are not user frendly for modification. I really like the new coyote engine, it is a powerhouse but there are a couple troubling issues. No aluminum intake. I have experience with ford plastic(OK composite) intakes. many problems in cold climates. The other issue is adaptability to hotrods. real hassle compared to a chevrolet 1st gen design. If they can come up with affordable and adaptable parts for conversion, I would love a coyote.
Edward Irelan 01/20/2011
I'm a huge fan of the 69-70 Boss 429's but this idea isn't really feasable nor does it make economic sense. The Boss 429's weren't even the fastest of the Boss cars....the 71 Boss 351 was. The new 5.0L Coyote V8 makes more usable power than either of those motors and with greater efficiency and since the Coyote already has provisions in the head for direct injection I say we go with a T-iVCT DI 5.0 with a pair of turbos and get a Ecoboost V8 Mustang in the works.....I've heard it could happen on the next major redesign and anniversary for the Mustang in 2014.