bring back the mark viii as performance sedan

By Brad H.

Lincoln needs to take the fg falcon from ford Australia and use that as there rwd sedan to compete with Cadillac cts/ats BMW 3/5 etc. have a range of options and trim levels, have ecoboost 4 and 6 in for base model use the 5.0 v8 in HRL editions if possible tune the top of line performance model on nurburgring, use all the technology from the falcon.
make the car a very civilized yet very aggressive. have it be elegant/classy yet sporty.
use a auto and manual tranny and name it either LS OR MARK VIII.
Douglas Arnold 10/16/2011
What's wrong with calling it a Mark IX? Or Mark 9? Oh, sorry -- "MK9"
Michael Masin 10/15/2011
Lincoln needs the Falcon, the Falcon needs exports, why haven't they done this already?
Andrei Mihai 10/09/2011
I like the idea, but if you want it to be a sedan, it would have to be sporting the Marauder moniker, which is kind of hard with Mercury now gone. Or you could make it alongside the Towncar, just call it the Lincoln Trackcar. :)
Curtis H 09/29/2011
This is a good idea, Ford really needs a 4 door performance sedan with manual transmission option and RWD or AWD to compete with CTS-V and SRT8 cars.
Robert Todd 09/25/2011
.Why do we have to go to Austrailia? Don't we make good enough things in the USA? A mark iii would be great. Not a sedan though. We already have too many of them. Only a coupe, only the 5.0 and up, (Mustang V-8 engines. This would be a Lincoln, not a vehicle with lesser engines. The Mustang platform with IRS wil do just fine. But maybe it should be called a Cyclone or something like that. Build the Lincoln exclusive. Bring back the HRL
Brad Krekelberg 09/24/2011
I like this idea, along with selling the Falcon in the US market. I don't know about calling it a Mark though.