Bring Back The Manual Transmission in

Ford needs to bring back the manual transmission in their F series trucks. I know you claim to have no market for them but serveys would tend to say your wrong. Ram is the only Heavy Duty truck maker that sales the manual option. Ford is losing sales to Ram because of this. I myself am ready to buy a new truck. I am a loyal Ford owner but I may be changing to Ram to get the transmission that I seek. Ford should offer what the customer wants. If the price must be higher, atleast make it a option. Ford is losing sales and customers and if something is not done I see Ford being knocked off the top of the King Of Trucks. Make the maual a option even if it costs more. Provide a select few and test the waters once more. I believe you would be surprised at the amout of trucks sold mainly because of the absence of the Manual in the diesel market.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I think the same is true, many trucks around here are Rams now, where Ford used to dominate. Ford Used to be the Truck King, not anymore, as there are a few older fords and a ton of newer Rams aound here with manuals.
Dominic P 01/20/2014
Ram is really proving themselves as a truck leader. They now have the highest towing capacity of any truck out there by far. And still offering a manual shift transmission in a heavy duty truck is pretty serious business. Ford, if all you have to offer ia a 6-speed auto then atleast put a dip stick on it so truckers can check their tranny oil.
John B 01/14/2014
I have read the information on the new automatics and the articles pushing them however, as a farmer I have used all of the big threes manuals and automatics both hauling inline, goosenecks, and wagons, transporting cattle, tobacco, hay, and some construction equipment and manual is the only thing for me. I think Ford is missing the point because many people down hear want manual, he majority actually, and some have or are preparing to switch to Ram trucks. Down here Ram wasn't very popular it was mainly Ford and Chevy, now Ram has taken over but all are manuals so I know the manual transmission is why they have gone to Ram.  I have already had to purchase one Ram for the manual but after owning it I want a Ford but need the manual.  If Ram can build a 6 speed manual at 850 lb/ft then I know Ford can, Ford can build tougher than Ram they always have. Please bring back the manual 6 speed.
Javier R 01/09/2014
I too agree that Ford really needs to bring back a manual transmission. Wether it's in an F150 or F550. Bring it back. A Ram 3500 is looking pretty good right now.
Daniel M 12/13/2013
Ditching the manual transmission in all their trucks is the absolute worst thing Ford Motor Comany has ever done. I would be all over a new F-250 Super Duty if a manual transmission was offered, even if I had to special order it and pay more for it. I guess I'll keep my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD that I special ordered with a manual transmission until the wheels fall off of it if there is never a new truck made with a manual transmission.
Ben J 12/10/2013
Every truck I have owned has been a Ford and had a manual transmission.  I will be looking to buy another truck soon and would hate to move away from my Ford trucks.  If I can't find a decent used Ford truck with a manual transmission, I will be looking at a new Dodge.  
Ricardo G 12/05/2013
Yes, I am a constant advocate of manual transmissions. They do a lot of good. Best thing that they do is limit the number of people who will ever ask to borrow your car or truck simply becaus ethey cannot drive a stick! Its awsome. That and the immediate gratification of power on demand! Manual transmissions are just a really great thing; and this guy is correct... The Dodge trucks really do maintain a very high level of popularity simply because of the manual transmission option.
Jeremiah J 11/29/2013
I think there are a lot more people wanting stick shift thath ford realizes
Ron Tatman 11/26/2013
I have owned an 89 f150 with a five speed manual, a 97 f250 7.3 with a manual and currently own a 2004 f250 6.0 with a six speed manual. I cant believe that Ford will not listen to the their customers. I will also eventually be forced into purchasing a Ram. The manual transmission has many advantages and is enjoyable to drive.