Bring back the Ford Ranger

I had seen on a you tube video recently that Ford Rangers are being sold over seas. Four door even. They said, that they are being sold in 180 different countries. Sounds to me, that we are not part of those 180 countries. I would love to be added to those countries. Please bring back the Ford Ranger.  
Danny Lopez 05/25/2014
I've been a Ford loyalist since 1998. Owning a 98' Explorer Sport // 99' Ranger // 03' Mazda 3 (whe it was owned by Ford) // 02' Explorer Xlt // 10' Fusion (still own) // 12' Fusion // & just bought my wife the 14 Fusion...With all that said, I really miss my Ranger. The thing just sucked up way to much fuel. Ford Please bring back the Ranger/F100. Just make it with the EcoBoost engine (Diesel prefered, but not picky). If it had the fual economy of the Fusion, I'd be happy!!!
Trent L 04/02/2014
I agree.  The old Ranger did not sell well because it was not relevant and had not been updated in decades.  The new ranger is a beast.  Can tow 7000 lbs with the 3.2 ecoboost 5 cylinder diesel and still manage 30 mpg.  Perfect size.  Perfect truck and much better then toyota hilux, or nissan navara.  I'm buying the gunmetal blue xlt ranger 2014 in the fiji islands right now.  But I also want to buy a ranger in the states to replace my 05 pathfinder.  What I don't want is any full size f-150.  Please ford, build the plant now and bring in the best med size truck to the US.  But don't bother if you will put another gas guzzler petrol engine in it.  We want the 5 cylinder diesel and we want it now!