Bring back the Ford Probe

I currently own a 1997 Ford Probe GT however i love the car. I think it would be a great idea to bring back the probe. I have no clue as why Ford had stopped production of this great car. Ideally there should be four packages offered the first one being a base model with a four cylinder engine like in a Ford Focus, than the SE model with the same engine but with a cosmetic package. Than we come to the gt with a little more agressive styling than the se model and a 3.5l v6 for the performance aspect of the car including better brakes and tire and a stiffer suspension. Than for the svt model would be like a GTS which should contain all the same cosmetic details of the gt but amp up the brakes a bit accompanied by the ecoboost engine. However i know the car would need to fattened up a bit to fit the bigger v6.
Derek S 12/31/2012
Great ideas as long as it's not still called a Probe.
Ben S 12/19/2012
top trim with AWD?

It would be like a new Eagle Talon, could you imagine how crazy people would go for it?
Michael A 11/06/2012
Awesome Idea!
Serradj A 11/06/2012
Great idea :P i'm also a ford probe Fan