Bring Back the Cougar

I would like you to consider bringing back the Cougar (91 edition, NOT the later, revised ruined version).

My 1991 red Cougar was my favorite car of all.
It was a mid-sized, two door, and I haven't been able to find anything comparable since. It also had a wonderful big trunk.

If it were made again (similar to the 1991 version), I would rush right out and buy one.

I still see them on the road, and I wish that I had kept mine!!!
Chad Gossman 01/12/2012
I would love ford to bring back the cougar i have a 1997 30th anniversary cougar, and it's the best car i have EVER had and i love the body style, but i think they should redesign one off of the mustang platform like they did in 1967. And with the Mercury brand gone the would have to probably have make it a Lincoln because even though the cougar started out as a muscle car it's most remembered for it's luxury.
Dustin Helland 08/20/2011
I'll disagree with you there. The Cougar was based off the Thunderbird. A two Door midsized car would fare very well against the Asian storm of Look a Likes. I for one would love to buy another Thunderbird. I miss my 92 Thunderbird SC. First car, and First in my heart. Its a Ford Thing.
George Bailey 07/05/2011
The original Cougar was a re-bodied Mustang for the Mercury brand. This is a good idea but without Mercury, it would have to be a Lincoln. The Mustang's chassis was designed for independent rear suspension. For the sake of product differentiation - not a Ford strong-suit - The 2 door IRS coupe should be a Lincoln. This might even attract someone under the age of 60 into a Lincoln showroom.
Patrick Collins 06/30/2011
Im afraid that the midsize two door is gone for good. I kept my 1997 T-Bird but had to go over to Honda to get a decent sized two door. Ford, like most other manufactureres seem to belive that the large two door coupe is a dead segment of the market and its a good bet that the T-birds, Cougars. Monte Carlos, Cutlases, Torinos, Rivieras, Furys, Cordobas (not the best example!) and Lincoln Marks will never return .