bring back the capri similar to the 1973 - 1978 design

Bring back a fun car to drive car similar to the ford capri of 1973 - 1978, rear wheel drive, great suspension and handling, great on gas, just a real fun car, modernize with a new echo boost V6 but keep the rally roots of the early years and you would put the fun back in driving
Andrew S 03/28/2013
Um, the 73 Capri had none of these things. Also, why not just call it something new and not something from when Saturday Night Fever was important in popular culture?
Ben G 01/22/2013
I agree with Stephen B. Use an EcoBoost 1.6L for equal performance as the FRS/BRZ. Use an EcoBoost 2.0L and it'll be an FRS/BRZ slayer.
Chance F 01/18/2013
Try a Fusion sport AWD, 252HP, and pretty much what you're asking for.
Dennis B 01/16/2013
How about a Fusion 2-dr. (think NASCAR), AWD, 3.5L Ecoboost for us geriatrics who don't 'fit' in a Mustang any more and couldn't afford one when we could fit.
Stephen B 01/16/2013
I agree! However, stick with a 4-banger and compete with the Scion/Subaru that just came out. Affordable, sporty AND economical cars are few and far between. I'd also like to see some competition for the Miata.