Bring back the Bronco!

I was very excited a while back when I saw the concept Bronco. I have always been a huge fan, and I have owned an '85 BroncoII and an '89 Full-size Bronco. Seeing the concept Bronco was a dream come true. Alas, nothing has come of it. There are very few options out there for a serious 4wd suv. Jeeps are going down hill and are serving the soccer mom market more than the people that use 4wd for what it was intended. The Bronco with a good powertrain setup could take a nice chunk of that market back. The original Bronco was an icon, its time to update it and bring it back (not just as a concept). Put optional front and rear lockers and a powertrain with good torque (and please, a manual t-case) and you would have a winner. Now bring it back, please.
Charles 07/06/2013
I ONLY OWN 2 dr SUV's I still have my 86 bronco II, Other than that I have been buying jeep wranglers for several years. but if FORD would bring back the bronco or ANY 2door SUV I WOULD BUY IT! Im in the market for a Wrangler, but If I KNEW FORD was having a 2 door SUV I would Postpone buying a new Wrangler
KEVEN Z 03/14/2012
Awesome idea with the pressure washer. TOUGH. SIMPLE. FUN. Bring it back now.
Brandon Skaar 02/01/2012
I currently drive a 2003 Toyota 4Runner. This SUV has been good to me. With almost 150k miles it has had no problems and still drives like new. It's just the right balance of road manners and off road ability. I want nothing more than to change up and buy a Ford. I'm not interested in spending $30-40k on a crossover. The market wants a truck based SUV.
c-steck1 10/26/2011
Yes, Ford needs to bring back the Bronco. It is unfortunate that those of us looking for a vehicle such as that have only the Jeep YJ to choose. It has to have a removable top.
Andrei Mihai 10/09/2011
I agree with Brian. The concept Bronco was amazing, with the diesel it could be both practical/economical and perform well offroad. The offroader market is ripe, and there's no competition to the Wrangler and the FJ cruiser, both of which seem to be doing well. Stop putting out 20 models of unibody crossovers that all look the same, and all try to compete with every other manufacturer's 20+ models of crossovers. Go for the easy pickin's :)
jrtra bronco 09/28/2011
I agree, bring back a tough bronco without the gadgets. Something I can open the doors and hose down with my pressure washer.
T Craig-P71CV 09/13/2011
Yes Bring back the Bronco. Personally I liked the full size Broncos of the 80's and 90's. The problem with today's SUVs is that they are just a full size luxury vehicle rather than a real off road vehicle.

You're right in regards to the Jeep. The Jeep YJ and Charokees are nothing more than way over priced urban people movers with no real off road capabilites anymore. Chrysler completely ruined the Jeep market when they bought out American Motors. AMC use to build tough Jeeps, real Jeeps. They should have just left American Motors as their own independant company. Perhaps AMC would still have been around today making real Jeeps instead of the cream puffs Chrysler is putting out as Jeeps.

Ford should bring back the Bronco, but not as an soccer mom SUV but as a real heavy duty off road vehicle without all of the fancy gadgets, and high tech nonsense found in most modern SUVs. Just make it a basic no frills off road vehicle. No power windows, seats, and locks, no fancy sterio system, electronic, or anything stupid like that. Just make them old school, with an heavy duty suspension, steering, brakes, engine and tranny, that's it. No bells, no whistles.
Brian Langston 09/12/2011
Keep the diesel engine that was in the concept! Don't put every electronic object that you can in it, keep it simple.