Bring back the BRONCO

The Bronco concept vehicle from a few years back is a MUST. Ford has completely left the serious casual off-roader market. Only the SVT Raptor remains as a capable off roader, and that vehicle is too exclusive. Base the new vehicle on the small, boxy retro look of the Bronco. Give it an open top, and benchmark Jeep Wrangler on off road capability. You would have yet another SMASH Ford hit on your hands.
Mark V 07/26/2010
We are waiting for the return of the Bronco.

Our fourth Bronco (1994 EB) is approaching 150k (the previous three reach 250k before we trade up). Would love to see a world class 4x4 that would blow the doors off of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the Defender and the Jeep. Was sad when Ford sold off Rover as I was looking to buy another Range Rover to fill the gap in capabilities (yes, my RR has the scratches to prove a $90k vehicle can be taken into the Sierras and driven hard). Without RR around, Ford has no reason why it couldn't deliver a RR and MB killer at a reasonable cost.

The show truck, sized to the '66 model with an SVT option to enable it to run like the Raptor on SoCal desert, not just rock crawling. Actually, Ford should get some SoCal designers to create it as the dirt roads of Michigan doesn't compare to crazy California.
Brian C 07/23/2010
I love the idea, however it would make more sense to build a new RANGER and use it to make the new BRONCO.

Go to Facebook and look up "Ford by Colvindesign" to see this and other ideas.
Josh 07/23/2010
That would be amazing, just dont mess it up by putting in a small eco-friendly v6 or 4 cylinder, put in either the 5.4 or 6.2, use the same engine as the F150, and PLEASE whatever you do, dont put all this chrome on it, chrome looks horrible!