Bring back the 6.8L V10

Alot of people are die hard V10 fans I am persoanlly one. I love the V10 alot. It works hard it is powerful enough to do what it is bought for. Alot of people where I am want a powerful truck but gas because diesel is hard to get a hold of. A diesel is nice and all but what about the powerful engine that made alot of people go to Ford.
Richard B 11/08/2014
I'm a Ford salesman here in Virginia and the only way a V-10 is presently available is on a chassis cab truck. Ford no longer offers it any other way. I have customers who are looking for them but they are few and far between.
randy brandes 09/08/2014
i own a 2004 v10 with now near 415,000 miles original motor trans, waterpump it has been an extreme workhorse for me towing a bass boat on the weekends and hauling tools and pallets of construction materials during the week, the only replacement would be another v10 but guys just wont let go of them 
Terry Dickinson 01/24/2014
I own a 1999 Ford Super Duty Super Cab short bed 4X4 with the 6.8 L V-10 engine and I tow a 33ft. Trailer.  I love the power and good gas mileage from the V-10 engine.  I often drive in Mexico where ultra low sulphur diesel fuel is not available and live in California where diesel fuel is priced $.40 @ gallon more than Regular gasoline.  A diesel engine is not a good choice for me.  Bring back the V-10!
chris paulsen 12/31/2013
I own two 6.8V-10  2 valve trucks.  One is an F350 has the 3.73 ratio and the other is a F250 with a 4.30 ratio.  They are quiet very powerful at low rpm.  They have simular torque characteristics as the 7.5 diesel and have more horsepower.  I perposely bought the v10 because of it's torque at low rpm and durability.  I have owned and or towed with every factory Ford engine in the superduty series from 1999 on.  For a towing vehicle this engine can't be beat as far as performance and ownership and maintenance costs.  it hands down beats both the diesel and gas v8 engines in the above.  Please bring this fine engine back to the F250 and F350 lineup for those of us that really use our trucks commercially we need an economically feasible towing vehicle.
Jeff M 11/22/2013
Love my v10 F250. For should bring back the V10, but with cylinder shutdown to save fuel.
Scott T 12/29/2012
The 6.2L simply will not tow the same way the v 10 does.
Not enough cylinders.
I owned a 450 chassis cab for about two years and loved the v 10
engine so much that I purchased my F250 with the v 10.
This is the only engine I have ever come across that can make
this kind of power and torque while at the same time being smooth
as silk and super quiet. I spend a lot of time towing highway miles
and diesels are just too loud for me on long drives and too expensive to repair.
(I build diesel generators for a living so I know what diesel repairs cost.)My current pickup has 207,000 miles and the engine still runs like new. I have done nothing except change the spark plugs at 150,000 and change the oil.
I know that ultimately the diesel will tow more total weight but
for what I am hauling the V10 is perfect. For my needs a 6.2 L "V8" would be anemic in comparison at highway speeds. You would need 7.5L or more in a v8 gas to match the Triton V10. But still, with fewer cylinders it would require more rpm to match torque ratings.
The V 10 was a very good replacement for the 460. Currently we have no such replacement. I do not want turbos, etc... just something else to increase repair costs.
JOHN S 10/12/2012
I have owned 3 Super Duty trucks with the 6.8L gas V10 and I must say that for the type of driving I do I prefer the V10 to the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel that is in my 2011 Super Duty. If it is not possible to return the V10 to the Super Duty option list the the 6.2L gas V8 needs to have the power output increased to have more low end torque.
chris p 06/21/2012
I have two ford v10 trucks and I love the engine. It has the torque characteristics of a diesel without the maintenance costs. it is a quiet smooth powerful engine with 300,000+ mile longevity. It is still available in the F450 and F550 series. I have driven the 6.2 V8 and it doesn't have the towing ability of the V10. I feel that CAFE killed this engine selection in the F250 / F350 truck. I still wish it was available for those of us who prefer a high torque towing gas engine in the lighter trucks
mark g 03/14/2012
ain't happening, wake up and give the 6.2 SOHC a try