bring back the 4.9 Inline 6

I would like it if Ford Motor co. would bring back the 300/ 4.9 I6 engine

millions of ford owners have enjoyed the practical engine for years then mids 1990's no inline 6

I am a new ford owner and i own a ford 300 i6 (25 year old work horse) and like it better than the v6s out on the market today

FORD Keep up with the times and be the future !!! history repeats ,if done perfectly
Jason 08/18/2014
I agree. I would much rather see the 4.9 inline 6 than the 5.0 v8 as an option in the new f-150. the 4.9 has fewer moving parts and is generally more reliable. I wonder if they don't bring it back because Ford wants to make more $$$ servicing junked out 5.0 v8s down the line. Doesn't sit well with me. Also, what's the deal with ford not making an inline 6 diesel like the 5.9 cummins. Surely if Dodge can make that kind of truck profitable, then ford should be smart enough to turn a profit on a straight six diesel also. I'm a ford guy, but I'm a dollars and cents guy first.
Chris65I6 08/16/2014
I agree!