bring back RWD Town Car/Contiental

A totally modern Town Car, with Lincoln flavor '73 style, strong hood and grill, no "B"
pillar or no pillar look, rear wheel drive of course, a coup, a convertable, a coup based Wagon......example Chevy Nomad .
A price 40,000 dollars less then a S Class Mercedes

A Continental either all electric or hybrid to compete with Tesla model S,
built out of Aluminum like the new F-150...... rear wheel drive, rear hinged rear doors.

I drive a 2004 Mercedes E-320 Wagon...
I also own a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Bel Air 2 door Wagon...

I'd like to see Mr. Mulally re focus on Lincoln as he's done with Ford.

Attention to detail,Luxury,Quality,Technology,Affordable,Modern Design,
American Heritage remembered celebrated.....