Bring Back a Rugged Off-road SUV

I was recently looking to purchase a new Ford SUV. I have grown up with Ford and cannot imagine driving anything else. That being said, I was looking to downsize from my Super Duty to a more fuel efficient SUV that will suit my needs better. However, I would like an SUV that has all of the Off Road capabilities that my truck has. I like the new escape, but it is to sporty, I think that there could be a market if for a rugged Mid sized SUV such as the Bronco concept from a few years ago. This couple with an ecoboost four cyclinder would be a great vehicle for sportsman and others who need the offroad capability but do not want a full sized pickup or dont like the new style escape.
brad a 01/05/2013
Agreed! If it was Diesel, I'd have one. Heck, even if it wasn't diesel, I'd sell my Jeep Wrangle and buy one NOW! I really like the Jeep, but would rather have a Bronco!
Justin L 11/16/2012
Check out the "Global Ranger" it is outselling everything in Australia, Europe and in over 100 countries, yet we don't have it here, crazy! You can find them on youtube...
Lucas T 11/14/2012
completely agreed. Even the 2.0L turbo diesel would be good. Yeah the cost of diesel is higher than gas but a small 4 cylinder turbo diesel will get very good mileage. And the 2004 bronco concept was killer.