Brazil - Ecoboost for KA

Here our KA is different from european one. Who have had the KA really loves it (and the owners don't sell his car: cheap mantainance, economy, and performance).

Nowadays the KA is one of cheapest vehicles to buy, the best cost-benefit... but it lacks a little bit in performance and consumption.

They have promissed but now they have stepped back about adoption of Ecoboost for KA.

I'm asking for KA ecoboost with new platform: The ecoboost, even if softened, for cheap vehicles would be a real killer feature (with 4-doors): it's going to be the best-seller car in Brazil in all our history, much more than Gol. (if possible expensive versions with more powerful ecoboost, also a REAL ST VERSION for KA )...

The KA (br) is the best car for curves. With one of the best motors developed.. it would be the best car ever!