Boss 429 Mustang

By Erik S.

Dodge is or has already come out with the 392 SRT Challenger, why not take the 6.2L Ford, make it all aluminum, tweak it for Mustang-like performance, but stroke the motor out and make it a Boss 429? It would be completely awesome, and make another hot seller. If dodge can have a 6.4L motor and chevy have the 7.0L Corvette, a Boss 429 would be sick!
Blake W 10/26/2012
I don't see why Ford hasn't put at lest the 6.2l in yet or the experimental 7.0l they tested. I guess they hoping everyone will hug a tree and go for an eco boost nice engine but not a v8. GM and mopar v8's you spend less on aftermarket parts and get great gains in power. Come on Ford and give us a big block again
Shane W 05/02/2012
It would be more like a 427 cammer. Considering it's a SOHC and 7liters. Which was more boss than a 429 was.
Kenneth Hughes 11/05/2011
Agreed!!! I have the same idea posted maybe if we get enough people to like the ideas they will bring her back!
Robert Todd 05/10/2011
Right now the Mustang is so far superior to any muscle car in the past
James Defelice 04/24/2011
Erik Swensen, I agree. Bring back the Thunderbird's
Erik Swensen 04/12/2011
@Reagan- that would be nice if ford brought back the Thunderbird and made it the new full size car and made it rear wheel drive
Reagan Stowell 04/05/2011
I would love to see the 429 back, Ford could bring back a number of muscle cars and improve them now that we are in the new muscle car era. Ford had very few vehicles in the last muscle car era. Imagine if Ford brought the Thunderbird and Torino back.