BOSS 355

By Dan H.

Ford built the Boss 302 and it was a great track car. I have an idea for the next Boss... Unfortunatly the Boss 302 is done but with the redesign on the horizon, how about the Boss 355?? Take a track version of the new Mustang (like the Boss 302) and drop in the Shelby's 5.8 liter. Can you imagine?? A Laguna Seca with the 5.8... Think about the specs...Chevy is coming with the new Z28 and it's going to be fast - I think a Boss 355 would be epic and live up to the name. Europe would be livid.
Kenneth B 08/23/2013
Here in Australia We have A Boss 335 GT Falcon - A world class vehicle - A Global Car!!!!!! - Vote for Ford TO market this vehicle World Wide!!!!!