By Ken K.

Try building a 5 liter, V-6. Large overbore, short stroke, Based on the new V-6 used in the Mustangs.
Ken Keith 02/08/2012
The Mustang 3.7 in a Fusion would put the Tuners with there 4 cyl. Ricers out to pasture
Ken Keith 01/28/2012
It wouldnt be that difficult to do, and putting a small V-6 in the Fusion would be a great idea, maybe the 3 Liter or if you want to make a real hot rod out of it, go with the 3.7 from the Mustang
Paul Abruzzese 01/26/2012
I think it's a real good idea. I don't see a car the size of a Fusion with a 4cyl. engine selling . Maybe against a ""KIA" ????