Bare Bones Sports Car

By Brad K.

Gas is so expensive. I cant see it getting any cheaper.......ever..... which makes me look at at the ecoboost 3.5TT. but to get it I have to own an explorer sport(which I do own, nice suv) or a F150. ( I don't like the Taurus. Are the cars these days getting bigger?). I would love to own a $37000 mustang Gt with Brembo brakes but $37k is crazy. gas is crazy. for someone with kids, wife, Home, wife. Why can't there be a bare bones sports car. keep the leather keep all the electronics, all the Extra bling, sound deadening, anything to keep the cost down and the car lite. the 3.5 motor is capapble of putting out some big HP with a little bit more boost. All of these cars have gotten bigger but they still put 245 tires on these Sports cars. How about 275's all around to give the car a closer 50/50 corner weight front to back. Atleast bigger in the back and fill up that Wheelwell. You could put a slight flare in the fender and roll any lip of the fender so it doesn't interfere with the tire. Just design it with a purpose. Ok I think i'm done. lol
avery c 05/30/2013
i agree 100%. i think there should be a mid size sedan geared more towards performance and less towards luxuries that will just wear out over time. i think that it should have three optional engines. i4 ecoboost 6cyl and 6cyl ecoboost. you could build it on the standard fusion platform and make minor changes. as far a SUVs go in response to davids comment i somewhat agree. ford does have the expedition but it needs to make a vehicle thats able to be customized such as the old broncos. all SUVs are are trucks with a cover on the back though. they use the same chassis and most use the same engines. a lot even use the same body parts. so im not going to hat on ford becasue they dont make enough trucks with covers on the back of them because thats really all an SUV is in my opinion but many disagree and thats why it should at least be considered.
art h 05/27/2013
Check out the build and price on the Ford site. You casn get a bare bones car there and leave out all the goodies. However you must understand the market and realize that Ford has to sell to the masses and there may not be many people like you that want a car with vinyl seats and no carpet. Bigger tires hurt gas mileage because there is so much rubber on the road. So you want skinny tires. If you don't live in Ca. than you dont know crazy gas prices. I have to run premium gas in 2 of my cars now thats crazy. I want to go fast so i must pay to do that. Ya they are both fords.
David G 04/17/2013
I'll be honest, I don't have the time to read what you wrote, BUT, i agree 110% with your title.

One reason I have been holding on to my vehicle and recently invested more money in repairs than it's worth is because it's "somewhat" simple. It's actually not simple enough for me... it has things like an air suspension and other "gizmos."

But there is a market for a somewhat simple, back to basics vehicle.

If you look on other vehicle "blogs" many people say it.

I don't need nor want a 5" touchscreen for example that controls everything.

To be fair, Ford does offer some "basic" vehicles. You can buy a basic Focus, Fiesta, even the Mustang V6 with a manual transmission will "ut-run" vehicles 4x it's price.

But I think there is an absence of "SUVs" in Ford's line up. REAL off-road vehicles.

Right now, if I want a "SUV" it's really a unibody, cross-over type vehicle. The only true off road, body on frame vehicles are your pick-ups, the Raptor, the F150, etc.

It's been asked MANY MANY times, why isn't Ford bringing back the Bronco?

Why can't ford basically "enclose" the "bed" of say the crew-cab raptor or F150 and make a "real" SUV?

And like the former member of Ford's "PAG" Land Rover, why not offer a version sans carpet, just rubber mats. And can be cleaned with a hose?

The Bronco was a sales success when you last offered it, why not offer it again?