AWD/RWD Sport Sedan = BMW / Infiniti Fighter

I appreciate that Ford makes high quality sedans like the Taurus and Fusion, but I really feel that these sedans can’t compete with a BMW or Infiniti because of their transverse FWD platforms. Ford would really benefit by offering a AWD/RWD sport sedan, using a modified verson of their DEW98 platform.

Start with a longitudinally mounted Ecoboost engine (2.0L I4 standard, 3.5L V6 optional), a double-wishbone or multi-link suspension in front and rear, and possibly an optional torque-vectoring limited-slip rear differential. Push the front axle close to the front bumper, and mount the engine behind the front axle for optimal front-rear weight distribution.

For exterior styling, please keep the side window beltline relatively flat – in other words, don’t use a steeply rising beltline like the new Hyundai Sonata or Cadillac SRX. A flat beltline improves visibility, and it looks great – it makes the car look strong yet relaxed – think of the Porsche Panamera or Maserati Quattroporte.

Ford could also build a performance hybrid – use the new 2.0L Ecoboost I4 mounted longitudinally, leading to an electric motor and then the longitudinal transmission – maybe a CVT like the Subaru Lineartronic, or a conventional automatic with at least 6 gears. This combination could easily yield 300 HP, 300 lb/ft torque, and 35 MPG!

I would love to help Ford make this happen. Sure, it may cost some money to design from the ground up, but a car like this would make cover pages of many automotive magazines. Imagine Ford beating a BMW or Infiniti in a comparison test, and likely at a lower price?
Michael Masin 11/09/2011
What about the Falcon. It's possibly the best car Ford currently makes and the only RWD with IRS. It already exists and Ford Australia developed it for a small fraction of what was spent on the Mustang. and it's more sophisticated than anything Ford makes in America. It's got double wishbone front suspension, control-blade multi link rear, a 4.0l NA or turbo inline 6 or a 5.0l V8 and soon a 2.0l turbo ecoboost 4 cylinder. And a CVT has no place in a performance car.