AWD Transit Connect

The minivan market is limited, throw AWD into the mix and it leaves you with one (maybe two) options. Please consider offering an AWD Transit Connect Wagon! We need the space and convenience of a minivan. We also live in an area that gets tons of snow in the winter. Again, please consider offering an AWD option. I'm ready to buy tomorrow!
miy2b . 03/15/2014
Really, tho, i am a salesman @ balise ford of cape cod, a really cool musician strolled through and he was digging the wagon, fold down seats 7passenger, sliding doors, he wanted our floor model, he said man with out a doubt price aint a thing on this ride,, then he popped the question does it have awd?? i had 2 say no... cmon ford 2015 transit with the awd as an option!! and dont be sticking 4 the price neither, lets get it for the people.
Patrick 12/28/2013
A Transit Custon AWD would kill the expensive concurrent, the VW T5 4-Motion. In Europe only is the potential market big enough to think about it...
Ben K 04/30/2013
It won't happen, there are already plenty of SUV choices. AWD is expensive to implement and significantly reduced MPG. I'd prefer a turbo diesel option and a positrac differential.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
Great idea, also needs to be available on full size vans. When it snows we have to go. A nice standard feature for all front wheel drive Fords would be a positive lock differential . Some times you just need that extra push from two wheels instead of one. You might not need that 4 wheel drive. PS The brake vectoring system is weak.